Banff Restaurant Reviews

With the high standard of restaurants in Banff, it is no surprise that they are often visited by some of North America’s most influential food critics.
Here is a selection of Banff restaurant reviews from popular newspapers, magazines and radio:

The Eddie Burger Bar
“…it just seemed like the right lunch decision..”
John Gilchrist CBC Radio One Restaurant Critic

Le Beaujolais
I just can’t believe how reasonable the prices are for the quality, the service, the room, the food, and the location. There isn’t a thing on this menu I don’t want to eat.
My Favourite Restaurants in Calgary & Banff – John Gilchrist CBC Radio

“Le Beaujolais is a landmark here, that is simply the finest in town”
Bon Appetit Magazine

“Its reputation extends far beyond this mountain valley”
Gourmet Magazine

“The setting, of course is splendid, the service faultless”
Where to Eat in Canada

“Le Beaujolais is easily one of the best restaurants in Canada”
Western Living Magazine

“Le Beaujolais – the consensus choice as the best in town”
Los Angeles Times

“Le Beaujolais in Banff is excellent”
Washington Post

“Probably the most highly recommended restaurant in town”
The Toronto Star

“Every dish on his French menu would please a sophisticated Parisian”
Calabasas – Southern California

The Bison
“…champions local ingredients and Rocky Mountain comfort…”
Western Living Magazine

“…My favorite restaurant in the area…Smoked bison is paired with
butter lettuce in one delectable salad…”
Celia Barbour O, The Oprah Magazine

Three Ravens
“The white asparagus soup is outstanding.”
“9 out of 10!”
“For a quick pre-event bite, a leisurely gourmet meal that is an event
in itself, or a relaxed post-event glass of wine, enjoy the Three
Ravens Restaurant & Wine Bar — conveniently located on top of the
Sally Borden Building”.
John Gilchrist CBC Radio One Restaurant Critic

Barpa Bills
“follow your nose to the best smell of garlic and grilled lamb”
John Gilchrist CBC Radio Restaurant Critic

If you’re not easily intimidated by graduate-level cuisine and encyclopedic wine lists, take Mountain Avenue to the Eden restaurant in the Rimrock Resort Hotel. In its dark-paneled dining rooms overlooking the town, Eden offers four different tasting menus each with multiple courses that stress Western fare (caribou, arctic char, Alberta lamb), as interpreted by the inventive chef. The attentive waiters – more like consultants, really – walk you through each course, and the sommelier will match your meal with a bottle from the restaurant’s vast cellar.
Bruce Headlam -New York Times

Afternoon Tea –The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
Afternoon tea, a splendid British tradition, has never looked quite so splendid as it does at the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel, the magnificent former railroad lodge known locally as the castle. Tea is served every afternoon in the Rundle Lounge. Sit back in the overstuffed chairs with a pot of the hotel’s own blend, some scones, pastries and, of course, cucumber sandwiches, and enjoy the serene view of the Bow Valley: the hotel recommends booking in advance for a window seat, but every table has its rewards. Allow yourself a few extra minutes to poke around the hotel’s nooks, especially the baronial dining halls and exquisite wine bars, and to pick up a package of tea from the hotel’s pantry shop.
Bruce Headlam – New York Times