The Grizzly House

As the sign above the entrance indicates, the Grizzly House restaurant has been a fixture on the main street of Banff since 1967. Part architect, part inventor, and restauranteur, owner Peter Steiner’s Swiss sensibility has competently sailed his restaurant for an impressive 45 years and the owners, Mr. Steiner and now his son-in-law Francis Hopkins, can be seen on site most days – an extremely reassuring sign.
The menu is remotely reminiscent of a Swiss Alps chalet but has a unique Canadian mountain flair.
The space is large but not large feeling and the décor is an eccentric 1970′s mountain style with dimly lit nooks and plants hung by macramé (remember that?). There is certainly nothing corporate or chain like here. The music played on the well positioned sound system belts out songs that we all loved but somehow disappeared into obscurity. This place transports you in time and place…a bite of raclette and I’m back in the Valais Canton, Switzerland, a glance up to the disco ball and I’m in the seventies and a stroll past the sculpted tree carving and I’m in a mysterious mountain land.
I’ve been eating at the Grizzly House since I was a girl and I’m thrilled to say it tastes the same now as it did 30 years ago; consistency is an understatement in this establishment . This centrally located restaurant is great for large groups and couples alike and as the restaurant itself suggests, for all hedonists. The staff are excellent and wines by the glass are reasonably priced.
Be sure to make a reservation or be downright disappointed, this place is always packed.

207 Banff Avenue
403 762 4055