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A taste from the team at Banff Restaurants
At Banff Restaurants.com we are utterly exhilarated every time we experience good food and more often than not we feel extremely fortunate to be able to have those experiences on a fairy regular basis living here in Banff. Banff has always been a magnet for food lovers and for over 3 decades this Canadian Rockies town has more than managed to excite our roaming foodie pallet.
Rivaling any city, Banff regularly welcomes its fair share of gourmets, critics and gastronomic extravaganzas and there is a huge array of eating options at every price point – in terms of food, Banff has something for absolutely everyone.
Travel has always been synonymous with food finding and whether you’re visiting Banff from down the road or across the pond the standard of cuisine and level of service in this small mountain town is quite exceptional. Eating in Banff has tremendous culinary advantages, not only is all this seductive deliciousness distilled into a 1 mile radius but the restaurateurs and locals involved in this food world are, in our opinion, true virtuosos. From innovative gastronomy, back street kebabs, culinary championships to Brie de Meaux to go, Banff offers a plethora of fresh culinary pleasures for all. The tremendous scenery, pristine air and glacier waters have all seemingly inspired and infused the food here with an unmatchable quality.

Welcome and enjoy!