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Eddie Burger Bar

Eddie Burger + Bar

I'm overwhelmingly smitten (in the loving sense) with anything organic and when I found out that I could choose to have organic beef on my Eddie burger I was completely elated. For just a couple of bucks more you can choose to upgrade your meat to either organic or kobe style beef, you can also … [Read More...]

Banff Grizzly House

The Grizzly House

As the sign above the entrance indicates, the Grizzly House restaurant has been a fixture on the main street of Banff since 1967. Part architect, part inventor, and restauranteur, owner Peter Steiner's Swiss sensibility has competently sailed his restaurant for an impressive 45 years and the owners, … [Read More...]

Banff Dining


Chaine Restaurants in Banff

Chaine des Rotisseurs is a society founded in France whose restaurant members embody the absolute best in fine dining. For a small town, Banff has more than its fair share of Chaine restaurants, and a meal at any of the following Chaine des Rotisseurs establishments is sure to be a memorable one … [Read More...]


How Much Should I Tip?

Tipping Tipping is expected practice in Canada, although it is up to your discretion to leave anywhere between 15-25%. If you are in a large group a tip will often be automatically added to your bill. Taxes In Alberta, 5% GST tax is added onto all restaurant bills. Reservations If you're in … [Read More...]